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Welcome to the official website of the British Columbia Osteopathic Association

Osteopathic Medicine (Osteopathy):

Osteopathic medicine, or osteopathy, is a complete system of health care emphasizing a whole person approach to medicine.  There are currently 37 colleges of osteopathic medicine in the United States with 58 teaching locations producing physicians with comprehensive medical and surgical training, and with special skills in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment, who make use of all modern diagnostic and treatment modalities, including unique manual treatment principles known as ‘osteopathic manipulative medicine’.

Osteopathic Physicians understand how the body’s systems are interconnected.  When appropriate, they focus additional attention toward assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, which may reflect or influence the condition of other body systems.

D.O.s are complete physicians, fully trained and licensed to prescribe medication and to perform surgery.  D.O.s and allopathic physicians (M.D.s) are the only two types of complete physicians.  D.O.s practice in all branches of medicine and surgery, from psychiatry to obstetrics; from geriatrics to emergency medicine.


The BCOA is an affiliate organization of the Canadian Osteopathic Association and represents graduates from American colleges of osteopathic medicine licensed to practice osteopathic medicine (General Practice, Medical & Surgical Specialties, and Musculoskeletal Medicine) by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.  The BCOA was established in the 1920s and continues to represent the osteopathic medical profession in all provincial matters regarding legislation and licensure.

This website is intended to provide information to those physicians and students who are specifically interested in the practice of osteopathic medicine in British Columbia.  For detailed information regarding the practice of osteopathic medicine in other Canadian or American jurisdictions, please visit the websites for the Canadian Osteopathic Association or the American Osteopathic Association.

This website will also provide the general public with accurate information regarding osteopathic medical education and the practice of osteopathic medicine in BC. 

The BCOA represents only qualified and licensed practitioners

Please be advised that currently there are various non-physician practitioners using osteopathic titles, practicing outside of legislation in British Columbia, and without osteopathic licensure, who do not hold the comprehensive medical, surgical, and musculoskeletal training required for osteopathic registration with provincial health care regulatory authorities.  

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Check out our Affiliate Websites for even more Information!!

Canadian Osteopathic Association

"The COA was established in 1926 and continues to represent the osteopathic medical profession in all provincial and federal matters regarding legislation and medical licensure."​

American Osteopathic Association

"Advancing the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine.  We represent more than 151,000 osteopathic physicians and medical students across the U.S."​

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